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The unit on this page graciously participated in the ceremony for Captain Farley.

The 16th South Carolina
Color Guard Of Honor

    This unique unit was formed in March, 2000 under the auspices of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This is not a reenactment unit, but rather a public emissary team to carry the message of support for the continued recognition of the heroism of our Confederate ancestors, and dedication to the truth of the noble causes for which they fought.
     As such, the men are not clad in historic Confederate unforms, but rather in a blend of modern style uniform with period accoutrements, much as how a crack color guard and rifle unit would appear today if there were still an Army of the C.S.A. The unit combines elite military dress with precision drill and performance to present an exciting show of support for our beloved Southland.
     The members, all from the Upstate of South Carolina, bring a wide variety of experience. Three branches of U.S. Military are represented. Two men are former members of an elite rifle unit, and one is descended from an actual member of the Color Guard of the 16th S.C. Volunteers, during the Late Unpleasantness.
     The custom made uniforms draw from the Confederate grey, with strong recognition of the revered Palmetto emblem of South Carolina in the insignia. The ceremonial weapons are reproduction Enfield muskets of the type used heavily by Southern forces in 1861-65. They are capable of firing black powder rounds, and are kept in top mechanical condition.
     The Battle Flag carried by the unit is a reproduction of that carried by the 16th South Carolina Infantry during the War Between The States. The original of that flag is on display in the South Carolina Relic Room in Columbia, South Carolina. The bloodstained and war torn banner is kept in reverence to the brave men who defended their home and families, and the flag carried by this unit respects the sacrifice of those citizen soldiers. The unit also carries the United States and South Carolina flags, signifying modern allegiance to those sovereign entities, as well as other flags befitting the specific event.
     Presently there is a color guard consisting of color bearers, guidons, plus an Ensign and a Lieutenant commanding. A rifle team supports the color guard proper. Members supply their own uniforms and equipment; a substantial investment. Recruiting is currently underway for additions to the team. Membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans is required, therefore all members are descended from veterans of the Confederate military.
     The Guard's first appearance was during Greenville's Confederate Memorial Day 2000 observance. The unit has been well received by the public at this and subsequent appearances.

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(Text and photos on this page reproduced from a brochure by permission)